The Search for Unique Handbags


You’re walking back towards the office on your lunch hour mentally rearranging your schedule for the rest of the afternoon. With your favorite handbag hanging safe around your shoulder, you walk on but in an instant, the world does not seem right. You look, and every other woman on the same busy sidewalk is clinging on to the same exact handbag. The oddness creeps and you begin to feel like a robot controlled by the dictates of the fashion industry. What’s the big fuss anyway? A bag is a bag. It carries personal items in one secure hold. Yet the feeling lingers.

Fashion may be fabulous but there is more to it than carrying what the rest of the world moons over for. An identity, your identity, is far more important and rewarding.

Our choices speak well enough for ourselves and the same is true in clothing and, in this case, bags. Some people go for the practicality, some for the fame of a name. Some would go for whatever their favorite celebrity brought to a big party. There are however, some women, those who stand out with a wonderful glow, go for the unique ones, ones that would speak, “I am my own person.” A personal style for an exceptional woman calls for an equally exceptional bag for the variety of items that help make an exceptional woman. And the game is on. The perfect unique handbag is somewhere sitting on a rack waiting for its unique master. And while you rummage around stores searching for the right size and the right price, your hunt finally ends at the sight of a humble masterpiece, you’re unique handbag. You look at it and every detail simply comes together as perfectly as it fits the hook of your arm or the curve of your right shoulder. The bag represents you whether it’s leather or woven fiber. That unique handbag also reminds you of your own uniqueness, your individuality that no other woman or human being has. A bag may just be like any other but it can be worth than you think. An identity, no matter how simple, is yours for the taking and so is that bag.

So when you see that unique handbag, take it and bring it out for the world to see. Express yourself through your clothes, your bags and be as unique as you choose your perfectly unique handbags to be.

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