Vintage Handbags


Could it be that something old can be made new once again? Why not, just look around and you will spot those hot items. Take for example, vintage handbags that are so vogue right now. It was the talk of the fashion industry when a lot of Hollywood celebrities were seen toting those designer creations at the recent Emmy Awards.

If you also want to have one for yourselves consider these friendly tips first before purchase.
– Only buy vintage handbags from a reputable dealer. You really will not worry much about the product when you know about the company’s background. Most importantly, you will get your money’s worth.
– Do not go for those that have been worn and stained because the tendency is, after how many days of use, you will have to have them repaired. However, when it is done, nobody will be able to tell that it had just been fixed.
– Understand what you are paying for. These goods are given value not only for their popularity in the yesteryears but also for their workmanship.
– If you prefer to shop vintage handbags online then use different keywords when entering it into a search engine. Look for those who have a good description and enumerated features. It is also essential that it has a money- back- guarantee offer.

After taking full consideration on the preceeding paragraph, you are now prepared to have your cash down for vintage handbags. Here are timeless collections from Glends Gies who has traveled around the world in search for materials that will perfectly suit her conceptions. She uses fabrics that are richly textured and superior durability combined with fine leather and elegant hardware.

Violet in Yellow Cream at $280
Both long and short with roomy interior, it measures more than 14- inches on chrome peg legs. Its textile is yellow cream in color with an embroidery pattern of both blue and green hues. All of those have been seamed together with a tan leather trim. It also has a detachable pin on the exterior with clear crystals in aqua and yellow.

Jackie in Seafoam Chenille at $260
Rising 6- inches tall, the pieces are joined together with a black patent leather trim. Its features include an extra- large clasp on top, spacious interior that is lined in mint- green floral prints, small zip compartment and detachable pin glittering with crystals in smoke and peruvian hues.

Sophia in Blue Carnations at $280
An east meets west replica, it has a black patent leather bottom. It has a chrome frame which has a smooth clasp on top with an interior lined in blue and green floral prints. On the exterior, the textile is dark turquoise in color with navy outlines of carnations and mums. There is also a detachable pin that shimmers in clear aqua crystals.

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